Make Your Marketing
  • Planning

    Figuring out your goals and how marketing can help achieve them is the first step to a successful campaign.

  • Targeting

    Learning about the online behavior of your audiences is key to developing content that appeals to them and techniques that reach them.

  • Designing

    If your marketing isn’t remembered, then why bother? It pays to take the time to develop creatives that captivate potential customers.

  • Implementing

    The technical back-end of launching online campaigns – particularly the more advanced targeting methods – can be a bit intimidating to the inexperienced.

  • Analyzing

    The ability to quickly determine the effectiveness of your campaigns is the biggest advantage to online marketing.

  • Optimizing

    After analyzing the data of what parts of the campaign are working and what isn’t, we’re ready to optimize by tweaking their targeting and design.


Web Design

Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, Instapage or another web platform – MarkED can help setup your CMS.

More and more customers are looking online for information, make sure you’re there to give them answer.

Social Media

Building brand recognition and interacting directly with customers has become easier than ever.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat continue to grow at a torrid pace. Let MarkED help harness Social Media’s potential for your business.


Facebook and Google know more about its users behaviors than any advertising platform ever created.

By using their data, MarkED can target and optimize online advertising campaigns that are far more effective than other mediums.

Content Creation

Successful online marketing isn’t really about pitching, but providing helpful information to potential customers.

Writing relevant, engaging content is essential to converting sales by developing trust with potential customers.

E-Mail & Text Marketing

Whether it’s following through with your leads or generating repeat customers – few things are more effective than E-mail or Texts.

Let MarkED guide your organization through choosing the right platform and templates to build your customer base.


Modern client relationship management tools can help get your team organized and save time. They are great for keeping track of prospects, projects, and productivity.

Let MarkED find and work with you to set up the right CRM for your organization today.

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    Ed Gray graduated from Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Technical Writing in 2006.


    His experience with web services, design and databases provides practical solutions for businesses, non-profits and political campaigns.

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